Wjerk is a climate design studio run by Kristian Bjørnard and a revolving cast of collaborators. We design for the welfare of all life. We value sustainability, open access, transparency, collaboration, social justice, and pointing culture toward a future where we operate a still hospitable spaceship earth ... We can’t solve climate change without social change — nay — everything change!?

Slash: MICA Graduate 2022 Program Guide

Is less really more? We're using fewer pages, minimal ink coverage, and more succint content to find out!

MICA Grad Admissions Mailer

Public domain imagery, open source typefaces, and clever printing tricks combine…

A Carbon Sequestering Book

What if a book could draw down carbon from the air?

Ecovention Europe

Can “Reduce” and “Reuse” be used as visually and conceptually meaningful design constraints?

Green Acres

How to represent sustainably focused artists and maintain a visually inventive book while avoiding tired “green design” cliches?

The Sustainabilitist Principles

What ways of thinking lead a designer to sustainable solutions?

The Rise of the Climate Designer: Lecture Poster

Do you need new materials and CMYK printing? Two color risopgraph on found paper.

Chesapeake Farm to Table

How do you visualize novel connections between local farmers and their nearby restaurant and home kitchens?

Five Seeds Farm & Apiary

What kind of website does an Urban Farm need?

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Email: bjornmeansbear@pm.me